Our technology group has the capability to quickly miniaturize your design using a wide range of advanced packaging techniques. In these advanced packages, any combination of bare die, bumped die, and discrete surface mount components are interconnected with a high-performance substrate and encapsulated if desired. This approach allows more flexibility, quicker time to market, and often compares favorably with system-on-a-chip approach. This results because each function is implemented in the appropriate process technology and extraneous features eliminated. Our designers can extend these packaging techniques for most types of applications using advanced laminate substrates such as ‘flex’ and/or ‘rigid-flex’.

Initial designs are based on the latest in processor and memory technologies. The NxGEN systems approach to engineering these designs requires knowledge of computer architectures, high-performance I/O structures, and interactions between architecture and software as they affect module performance.

The initial designs are being conducted for government applications in an extremely rugged environment. The team at NxGEN has years of experience in relevant technology areas, backed up by the outstanding design team at Tessera Technologies, Inc. Applications for these super-compact computational modules are abundant. Relevant applications include robotics, rugged military platforms, sensor processing, radar signal processing, missile applications, etc.