NxGEN is affiliated with key-industry companies that complement and augment its microelectronic design and packaging expertise through a variety of key licensing, cooperative marketing, design, development, manufacturing and test agreements:

Tessera Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:TSRA)

Leading technology developer and services provider for semiconductor chip-scale and multi-chip packages (CSPs and MCPs). NxGEN recently signed a significant licensing agreement to build and market Tessera’s patented MicroZ(TM) Ball Stack Package for Military, Aerospace, and other high-reliability applications.

Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc. (SLE)

Specializes in silicon right-first-time, digital Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC) and System on Chip(SOC) design services that address all aspects of complex ASIC systems development from concept to silicon. SLE’s proven and repeatable Think Physical™ design process, tools.

Test Edge, Inc.

Complete test solutions for digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF devices. NxGEN provides assembly services for a number of Test Edge customers.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence delivers new-generation platforms of integrated design technologies and methodologies that help you address all aspects of electronics design in the nanometer era.

Silicon Pipe

NxGEN and Silicon Pipe have entered into a licensing agreement that allows both companies to complete proof of concept devices and prototypes and to capitalize on innovative intellectual property developed by one of the founders and inventors of Tessera.

Space Micro Inc.

High tech firm with a special focus on space and military applications. Founded in 2002, Space Micro Inc. is a privately held, employee-owned company, with headquarters in San Diego, California. It is a pioneer in providing radiation hardened by design solutions for advanced electronic systems and microelectronics. Space Micro is completing research in design solutions for single event effects (SEE) in microelectronics, plus methods for improving single event effects performance of high-performance space computers, for several companies and government agencies. Clients include NASA, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and the Air Force (AFRL). Space Micro Inc.’s emphasis is on microelectronics, sensors, computers and MEMS. Our management team includes two of the founders of Space Electronics Inc., an industry leader in satellite microelectronics.

Accel-RF Corporation

Specializes in the design, development, manufacture, and sales of accelerated life-test/burn-in test systems for RF semiconductor devices. Accelerated life testing can reveal a great deal about the reliability of a high-frequency component. Although this testing usually requires sophisticated, custom measurement setup, there is now a better way.

Longhill Technologies – (LTi)

A woman-owned, small business located 3 hours away from the Washington D.C. area in Waynesboro, Virginia. LTIi combines more than 40 years of engineering experience with knowledge of spacecraft structural materials, radiation effects on materials and electronics, the space environment, concepts in radiation shielding, and advanced dose modeling.

United States Semiconductor Corporation (US-Semi)

An IP portfolio management company which provided significant start-up capital to NxGEN. Included in their IP base is RHINO (TM), a rad hard process for CMOS devices, Microbubble (TM), a rad hard application, and a variety of sensor and battery technologies licensed from the Nuclear Institute at the University of Missouri. NxGEN is US-Semi’s manufacturing partner.