Leading Edge Microelectronic Assembly Technologies

At NxGEN we believe our most competitive advantage is our team. With our depth of process knowledge and a wide range of experience, we offer unique variety of services rarely found under one roof. NxGEN prides itself in our dedication and commitment to excellence for all of our customers — big or small. For many of our small customers, time to market is key. Our manufacturing center, housed in a modern Class 10,000 Clean Room, contains some of the most modern assembly, and test equipment, performing a variety of unique mixed-technology assembly operations with extreme precision. We continue to add tools which complement our business, providing the highest value at the lowest cost to our customers. We are structured to provide turnkey services for our customers. These range from quick-turn, same-day samples, to full product development, including the building of prototypes through full-scale production. Our purchasing and materials management function have suppliers that we continuously monitor in the area of performance, timeliness, and for the lowest possible cost.

Die Attach:

  • Conductive and non-conductive epoxies
  • Eutectic die attach for high-frequency devices

Wire Bonding:


K&S Maxum-Plus Automatic Gold Thermosonic Ball Bonder

  • Very high speed (Up to 20wires per second)
  • 35 micron pitch


K&S 1488 Automatic Gold Thermosonic Ball Bonders

  • Very high speed (Up to 10 wires per second)
  • 75 micron pitch


Delvotec Gold Wedge Bonders

  • 1 bond/second

Hughes Gold Thermosonic Ball Bonders

  • 3 bonds/second
  • 150 micron pitch


Orthodyne Hi-Bond Gold Wire Bonders

  • 2-20 mil wire diameter

Flip Chip and Bumping:

Flip Chip Placement: Palomar 3500 Attachment Methods

  • Eutectic Solder – Sn63 and Sn96


  • FR4, Ceramic, LTCC, AlN


  • Thick and Thin Film


Underfill: Aysmtek Millennium

  • Bumping
  • Gold Stud bumps
  • 4, 6, & 8 inch wafers


BGA Capabilities:

Ball Composition

  • Pb(36)/Sn(62)/Ag(2)
  • Sn(63)/Pb(37), Sn(10)/Pb(90)

Ball Diameter/Pitch

  • .025 in. & .030 in. Diameter
  • .040 in. Pitch Minimum

Heat Sink

  • Nickel Plated Copper
  • Kovar
  • Aluminum


  • FR4
  • Ceramic

Surface Mount Technologies:

  • MYDATA Pick-&-Place Stations
  • PALOMAR 3500 Precision Pick-&-Place
  • MPM Solder & Epoxy Screen Stations
  • AREMCO Epoxy Screen Stations
  • DIMA IR Belt Furnace
  • DIMA Convection Belt Furnace
  • Dual Wave Solder Station
  • Asymtek Adhesive & Solder Paste Dispenser

In Process and Final Test

NxGEN has experience in developing computer-based test stations for MCM’s up to 400 MHz.

  • PC-Based DC and In Process Functional tester
  • PC-Based HP-IB Analog Testers

NxGEN test engineers have extensive experience with custom sockets and burn-in boards.

Test capability over the full military temperature range

  • FTS PAC6010 Temperature Forcing System
  • -50° C to +155° C

Quality Assurance

  • Real-time SPC at critical processes, e.g., Wire Bond
  • Lot control and serial number traceability
  • The production facility, systems and procedures-based on the requirements of MIL-Q-9858A and MIL-PRF-38534
  • Assembly and test in a clean room environment typically better than Class 10K, Class 100 at critical operations